About Chumkriel Supporters


Chumkriel Supporters supports and raises  money for Chumkriel Language School in southern Cambodia. We have improved water supplies, provided bicycles and basic housing, paid teachers’ salaries, introduced vegetable gardens, built a playing field and a covered volleyball court which doubles as an all-weather assembly area.

Rotary Australia funded and built the Language School building, and continues as a major supporter.


Why does Chumkriel Supporters  exist?

Donors’ contributions open the door to a better future for students and families who are desperately poor. Most don’t have access to reliable or clean water, many homes don’t have toilets, and many families have no transport. Education offers an exit from such poverty.  That’s Why!

A Happy School!

You are invited to learn more. To help. To share. To make a meaningful contribution.

Our Story

A vision of a brighter future

Founder and Director Nget Sokonthy’s (Mr Thy) experience as one of eight siblings growing up in a remote village with limited access to schooling gave him a passion for education as the key to a better future.


As a strong advocate for the school, Mr Thy works with the community and gathers resources and support. He has recruited a dedicated staff who work tirelessly to provide a brighter future for students through education. And this benefits not only the students but also their families and the wider community.

Helping the students and the community

In 2005 Mr. Thy began teaching English to 100 children in a small dilapidated room. Today under his direction CLS has its own Learning Centre and adjoining sports field and vegetable garden. Its teaching program is integrated with the neighbouring government primary and high school.


CLS provides basic education in Khmer and English for over 100 primary school children, and computing classes for the local government high school students. And in the evenings it offers English language classes for over 300 students of all ages.


CLS’s  community outreach program provides housing, toilets, water supplies and bicycles for needy families.


Its philosophy is to help people help themselves by integrating the needs of students and their families with the school’s education program. And it achieves this on a budget of less than US$100,000 per year!

Every dollar makes a difference

CLS receives no government or trust fund support, so your  generous donations  secure the future of its fantastic work.


Its education program opens the way to a brighter future for students, a path out of poverty. This, together with its outreach work, fosters a more sustainable community in and beyond Chumkriel.


None of this is possible without donations, each one greatly valued and helping ensure CLS  continues to offer students a pathway to a brighter future.

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