CLS Programs

CLS collaborates with the adjoining government high and primary schools, to expand the future opportunities for all the children and families of Chumkriel and neighbouring communities. . It offers a wide range of assistance and opportunities including:

–  Daily classes in Khmer subjects, basic English, and health and hygiene for over 100 primary children.

–  A library where children are encouraged to develop and enjoy reading skills.

–  Computer classes for secondary school students.

–  Evening classes in English attended by over 500 adults and children every week.

–  A sportsfield for sports and recreation activities.

–  Transport for up to 30 students from the neighbouring salt fields to and from school each day.

–  A vegetable garden to teach the children and their parents how to grow vegetables, so poor families can develop greater food self-sufficiency.

–  A soup kitchen which provides a healthy lunch each day for up to 40 children from the poorest families.

–  Scholarships for 40 children to attend the government high school which adjoins the CLS campus, and a further 6 scholarships for selected students to study at university.

–  Community outreach projects, providing shelters, toilets, water supplies and bicycles for the most needy students and their families.